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SecureFX History

SecureFX® History

Beginning as a file transfer client that supported only the (unsecure) FTP protocol, SecureFX has evolved to become one of the industry's top software downloads for secure and legacy file transfers.

Evolution of SecureFX

SecureFX had its beginnings as a transformation from an earlier file transfer client—AbsoluteFTP.  AbsoluteFTP was VanDyke Software's first entry into the world of file transfer applications, and it only provided support for the legacy FTP protocol.

VanDyke Software's commitment to keep pace with advances in technology led to the adoption of secure file transfer protocols and in 2000, our first version of a file transfer client that focused on security was born: SecureFX.

SecureFX provided security for data in transit by using the FTP protocol over SSH2. This file transfer protocol has since been phased out with the advent of SFTP and other SSH2- and SSL-based protocols. Since its introduction as a secure file transfer client, SecureFX has always provided multi-protocol support.

Added Features

Since its first release, VanDyke Software has continually updated SecureFX to improve functionality and user experience. Over the years, advanced new features and capabilities have been added, including:

  • Support for industry-preferred secure file transfer protocols (SFTP, SCP, FTP over SSL)
  • Support for easy recovery after a network interruption (i.e., relentless reconnection and automatic resume)
  • Support for IPv6
  • Ability to log to a file
  • A command-line utility for automating file transfers (SFXCL)
  • Sound notifications
  • Enhancements to the user-friendly interface, such as:
  • Connect bar
  • Address bar
  • Transfer queue
  • Filter
  • Bookmarks
  • Tab view
  • Themes (available in SecureFX for Windows only)
  • Enhancement to site synchronization capabilities
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Ability to perform parallel file transfers (including a configurable limit to the number of parallel transfers to conduct at any given time)
  • Integration with SecureCRT®

Multi-platform support has also been enhanced with the introduction of SecureFX for macOS and Linux.

What Hasn't Changed

The history of SecureFX demonstrates one constant: VanDyke Software's commitment to data security. Our product supports standards-based data security, helping your organization meet security requirements for data in transit for HIPAA, SOX, and FIPS 140-2 compliance. And, we have one of the best security records in the industry—you can see our track record for yourself on our security advisory page:

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