VShell® Server

Multi-protocol secure file transfer.
Remote access and administration.

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VShell® Server


  • Secure file transfer server to protect data in transit
  • Multi-protocol support: SSH2, SFTP, FTPS, and HTTPS
  • Fine-grained access control for users and groups
  • Secure remote access and administration with SSH2


  • Quick to install
  • Set up and configure easily; runs right out of the box
  • Integrates with Windows AD and LDAP
  • Enterprise-level reliability and robustness: "set it and forget it"


  • Compatible with clients using open standards for SSH2, SFTP, FTPS, or HTTPS
  • Multi-platform support for Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Runs on physical servers, virtual machines, and cloud-based servers

Quality Technical Support

  • Dedicated and customer-oriented
  • High level of expertise
  • Quick response time
  • Technical support begins during evaluation
  • Fine Grain Access Control

    Grant access to VShell services by authorized users or groups. On an individual or group basis, allow or deny access to VShell services such as shell, SFTP, and port forwarding.

  • Lock Down Users with Virtual Roots

    Virtual root directories let you assign different root directory access points to users or groups. In Windows, assignment can be based on access control lists (ACLs).

  • Automate Processes with Triggers

    Configurable trigger conditions allow automated responses to events including file uploads and downloads, files added to a folder, and more.

  • Define Users and Groups with the Internal User Database

    No need to create system accounts when they will only be needed for VShell access. Simplify future migrations by letting VShell automatically include your users and groups.

  • See Active Connections with VShell Monitor

    VShell Monitor is a real-time connection monitoring tool that allows an administrator to view active connections to the VShell server.

Whether you need file transfer or a wider range of remote access services, it takes reliable, configurable network access software to master evolving security threats and a rapidly changing business environment.

"I downloaded VShell and set it up within a day. It's been very reliable and I haven't had a single bit of down time.  We leveraged the trigger feature to automatically upload files in real time into our production system."

—Jeramie Mercker, Software Architect, Georgia Municipal Assn.

Key Benefits

Whether your needs focus on secure file transfer or remote access and administration, the VShell server has a full range of capabilities that enable you to:

Provide strong, multi-protocol security for data in transit

VShell delivers proven, open-standard authentication and encryption with a choice of protocols to suit your needs. It allows you to provide a wide range of services to your organization with confidence.

  • Utilize the most widely-used standards — SFTP for secure file transfer and SSH2 for remote system administration.
  • FTPS provides flexibility for an even larger range of clients. If needed, allow FTP connections to support legacy systems.
  • Upgrade to VShell Enterprise Edition with HTTPS to offer your end users easy, browser-based file transfer. No client software is needed and there are no browser plugins to install.
  • User authentication for SSH2 (SFTP) offers a range of options including public-key, Kerberos, and two-factor methods.

Control user access to features and files

VShell gives you extensive controls to manage privileges for file transfer, shell, and other services.

  • Define which services — SFTP, SCP, FTPS, FTP, HTTPS, HTTP, shell, port forwarding — are granted to users or groups with VShell Access Control Lists (ACLs).
  • For file transfer, lock down user access to particular directories using the virtual roots feature.
  • Transparently transmit file transfer operations to a separate SFTP server, so that files can be uploaded and downloaded without ever being written to the VShell server's disk.

Set up and configure the server easily

VShell installs and runs right "out of the box".

  • On Windows, the VShell Control Panel offers easy graphical configuration from initial setup to selecting access control lists and stopping and starting services.
  • On Linux and macOS, configuration is done using a single file.
  • Unattended installation options facilitate large-scale deployment.

Automate business processes

One key way to increase admin productivity is to provide automation support. The VShell server does this with a combination of event triggers, remote command execution, and command-line utilities.

  • VShell triggers allow you to automatically track and respond to events like file uploads, downloads, and failed logon attempts.
  • The RunAs Commands feature lets the administrator allow less privileged users to use certain commands or scripts that require elevated privileges.
  • A suite of standalone command-line utilities facilitate automation of routine tasks: vsftp for interactive SFTP file transfer, vsh for shell access, vcp for file transfer, and vkeygen to generate public/private keys. On Windows, the standalone VRALIB COM API lets customers create scripts for SSH2 connections.

Logging and monitoring

  • Server messages may be logged to VShell log files as well as the Windows system log or a remote syslog/syslog-ng server.
  • Select the message groups to be logged — for example, errors, warnings, information, connections, authentications, and protocol-specific messages.
  • The VShell Monitor is a real-time connection monitoring tool that displays the current connections to the VShell server.

VanDyke Software Support provides comprehensive technical support, including pre-sales evaluation, consultation for installation and configuration issues, and support of maintenance and upgrade software.

VanDyke Sales is ready to help you work out licensing issues for the most complex deployment plans.

The VShell Server is available for download and evaluation with a 60-day evaluation license. VanDyke client software products are available for download and evaluation with a 30-day evaluation license. Evaluation software is fully functional and includes documentation.

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