Our flexible secure file transfer client gives you the tools you need to increase the security and efficiency of file transfer operations and site synchronization.

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Our flexible file transfer client for Windows, Mac, and Linux gives you the tools you need to increase the security and efficiency of file transfer operations and site synchronization. SecureFX's user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn, and support for multiple platforms allows you to apply the strong encryption and authentication mechanism of Secure Shell protocol to your data-in-transit.

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  • AWS S3 Buckets

    Transfer files to and from Amazon AWS S3 for secure cloud storage.

  • Site Synchronization

    SecureFX site synchronization handles upload, download, and true mirroring transfers between a local and remote system or between two remote systems (server-to-server). Filter your file selection with wildcard support, and store commonly used configurations in the synchronize database for quick recall.

  • Resume Interrupted Transfers

    SecureFX assures recovery when transfers are interrupted, automatically resuming multi-file transfers. Relentless file transfer automatically reconnects and resumes transfer after a broken connection.

  • Authentication

    SecureFX supports password, public key, Kerberos v5 (via GSSAPI), and keyboard interactive authentication methods. Public key support includes RSA, Ed25519, ECDSA (RFC 5656), DSA, PuTTY PPK, OpenSSH certificates, and X.509 including smart cards (PIV/CAC).

  • Multi-Platform Support

    Network professionals and their users can run the same file transfer application on Windows, Mac, and Linux workstations, with common functionality and user interface. Add close integration with SecureCRT and you have a powerful system for maximum productivity.

Key Benefits

Maintain file systems and documents securely. Transfer files across networks and the internet with a choice of SSH2 SFTP, FTPS (FTP/TLS), HTTPS (WebDAV and Amazon S3), SCP, or FTP and HTTP for access to legacy systems for access to legacy systems.

Get started quickly. Connect to sessions from the main application window using the Connect bar, then organize those sessions with the easy-to-learn tabbed interface.

Leverage the high-productivity UI. Drag and drop files to start transfers (Windows only), even between SecureFX and applications like WinZip. Quickly find the files you want to work with using the filter view, bookmarks, and the address bar.

Synchronize files. Upload, download, and mirror files. Use filtering to include or exclude files or file types. Store configurations for multiple sites.

Recover more easily when transfers fail. SecureFX works to complete interrupted transfers, automatically resuming multi-file transfers.

Implement smart cards for highly secure, two-factor authentication. SecureFX supports X.509 smart cards (PIV/CAC) with the ability to select a specific certificate to be used for public-key authentication.

Save steps with integrated SecureFX and SecureCRT®. Set up connections with shared sessions and server host keys. Common sessions and settings reduce repeated steps.

Make transfers unattended. The SFXCL command-line client (Windows only) allows you to automate tasks with powerful options like site synchronization. You can also use the built-in task scheduler (Windows only) to schedule transfer and synchronize operations once or at recurring intervals.

Comply with Federal standards. Use security protocols that help meet HIPAA, SOX, and other guidelines, including FIPS 140-2.

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New in SecureFX 9.0


Amazon S3 storage
Transfer files to and from Amazon S3 for secure cloud storage.

Pre-load keys into agent
Save time by specifying which keys to load into SSH2 agent when SecureFX starts. This is also supported in SecureCRT 9.0, simplifying steps when using the SecureCRT+SecureFX Bundle.

Session Manager enhancement
Find sessions even faster by using wildcard characters "*" and "?" in the Session Manager filter box.

Automatic removal of files from transfer queue
A global option can be set to automatically remove files from the transfer queue after the transfer is finished.

Time stamping by destination server
A new option allows transferred files to be time stamped by the destination server instead of preserving the source timestamp.

Specify and order host-key algorithms (SSH2)
The host-key algorithms can now be specified and ordered from the Session Options dialog.

Algorithm support
SecureFX now supports the rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 public-key algorithms (RFC 8332).

Require configuration passphrase (Windows only)
An administrative option can be set to disallow a blank configuration passphrase.

Platform support
Support has been added for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

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