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New In SecureFX® 9.4

System display theme (Windows)
On Windows, a new "System" display theme dynamically changes to a light or dark theme to match the system Light or Dark Mode setting.

Screenshot of dynamic color settings
SecureFX's system display theme uses a light or dark session background depending on the system's display setting.

New Session Manager icons (Windows)
The icons in the Session Manager and Connect dialog now reflect the session’s protocol, making it easier to visually identify the session type prior to connecting.

Improved TLS compatibility
A new option allows OpenSSL to be used for TLS connections, providing support for TLS 1.3 on Windows 10 as well as better compatibility with FTPS, HTTPS, and servers using OpenSSL. For Windows 11, FTPS and HTTPS sessions now support TLS 1.3.

Enhanced certificate support
Unrecognized certificates can be manually accepted or rejected. On Mac and Linux, self-signed certificates can be created.

Algorithm support
SecureFX now supports x509v3-ecdsa-sha2 algorithms for keys stored in a .pfx or .p12 file (RFC 6187).

Administrative option (Windows)
A new administrative option helps enforce security best practices by preventing host keys from being saved.

Other enhancements
Quickly access downloaded files in the system file browser by opening the containing folder from the transfer queue window. Configure a sound to play when a synchronization operation completes (Windows and Mac).

Our flexible file transfer client for Windows, Mac, and Linux gives you the tools you need to increase the security and efficiency of file transfer operations and site synchronization. SecureFX's user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn, and support for multiple platforms allows you to apply the strong encryption and authentication mechanism of Secure Shell protocol to your data-in-transit.


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