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Drag and Drop Files in SecureCRT® and SecureFX®

A variety of file-oriented drag-and-drop capabilities are supported by SecureCRT and SecureFX versions 6.5 and later. In this tip we give you an overview of drag and drop, a great feature that can save you time and reduce the number of steps you need to copy and transfer files.


  • Drag and drop to a session
    If you drag files from Windows Explorer and drop them on a session tab or window, SecureCRT starts a file transfer. First, you will see a dialog that lets you choose from ASCII, Xmodem, Ymodem, or Zmodem.  ASCII and Xmodem support single file transfer, while Ymodem and Zmodem support multiple file transfers; transferring folders is not supported.  You can also use SSH1 or SSH2 sessions to do a secure transfer.
  • Drag and drop to an SFTP tab
    You can drag files from Microsoft Explorer onto the SFTP tab. This initiates a "put" command to place the files in the SFTP tab's current directory. If your SSH2 server supports SFTP, you can open an SFTP tab within SecureCRT using either of the following methods:
    • Select Connect SFTP Tab in the SecureCRT File pull-down menu.
    • Right-click on a connected SSH2 tab and select Connect SFTP Tab.


  • Drag and drop files between SecureFX and Explorer, WinZip, email clients, and other applications
    Here are some examples:
    • Drag a file from a remote window or tab within SecureFX and drop it onto your Windows Desktop for a quick download. Drag a file from your Desktop and drop it on to a remote window or tab within SecureFX to perform a quick upload.
    • Drag files from a remote window/tab within SecureFX and drop them onto your email client composition window (like Outlook or Outlook Express) to quickly attach the files to an email message.
    • Drag files from a remote window/tab within SecureFX and drop them onto a .zip file within Windows Explorer or directly onto the WinZip window (if the .zip file is already open in WinZip) to quickly add the remote files to the local .zip file.
    • Drag a file from a remote window/tab within SecureFX and drop it onto your favorite file editor application to quickly open the file for editing on your local machine.
  • Drag and drop files within SecureFX
    From a remote window, you can drag and drop files between it, the local window, and other remote windows.
    • Drag files or folders from a remote window/tab and drop them onto a local folder displayed in the local tab for a quick download of the folders or files. Drag from the local tab within SecureFX to a remote window/tab to perform an upload to the remote system.
    • Drag one or more files or folders from one remote window/tab and drop onto another remote window/tab within SecureFX to perform a server-to-server file transfer operation.

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