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Secure File Transfer Client Program

SecureFX®: VanDyke Software's Secure File Transfer Client Program

SecureFX allows you to securely transfer files from your PC or Mac to your work server with the ease of drag and drop functionality.

How Secure File Transfer Protocols Help You

There are many file transfer protocol (FTP) programs available that will allow you to save data to (upload) or access data from (download) a server remotely…but none of them are secure. File transfer programs that only support FTP are susceptible to hacking, meaning that anyone, anywhere can "listen in" to traffic and hijack your data.

Secure file transfer protocols such as SFTP (Secure Shell [SSH2] File Transfer Protocol), SCP, and FTPS use data encryption technology to prevent hackers from hijacking your usernames, passwords, and sensitive file data that would be exposed in plain-text FTP.

VanDyke Software's Secure File Transfer Solution

In order to protect your network and your data, you need software that supports a secure file transfer protocol. But you also need software that is easy to use. VanDyke Software has the secure file transfer solution that balances strong security and easy access: SecureFX.

SecureFX provides the security you need to protect your data—strong encryption and robust authentication to ensure privacy and hashes to protect against forged or altered data. This software also provides a familiar Windows Explorer-like interface that allows you to easily:

  • Establish an encrypted connection for secure file transfers with a simple mouse click
  • Drag and drop individual files, groups of files, or folders from one system to another
  • Easily maintain a mirror copy of information using configurable synchronization
  • Automatically resume interrupted file transfers

Free Secure File Transfer Software Trial

Try a file transfer program that supports a number of secure file transfer protocols from software developers with one of the best security records in the industry.

Download the full version of SecureFX, VanDyke Software's secure file transfer solution for a free 30-day evaluation.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

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