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SecureFX and SecureCRT Integration

SecureFX® and SecureCRT® Integration

File Transfer and Terminal Emulation Shared Settings

VanDyke Software products enhance the efficiency of remote system management by integrating our file transfer and terminal emulation clients. When you download the SecureCRT + SecureFX Bundle, you get the benefits of shared session information.

Shared Sessions and More

With integrated terminal emulation and file transfer clients, you are able to minimize repeated steps for creating sessions and saving settings. A bundle installer* is available that installs both clients and their libraries into the same folder, making it easy to install SecureCRT and SecureFX and keep them in sync. With SecureFX and SecureCRT integrated, you can share:

  • Global options
  • Session options
  • Host key database

Client integration also means that the following operations only need to be done once instead of being performed individually within each client application:

  • Setting application defaults,
  • Creating session settings, and
  • Accepting a server's host key

Integration also allows users to launch either application from a toolbar button.

Get Started

Increase the efficiency of your remote system management by integrating your file transfer client and terminal emulation client. The SecureCRT and SecureFX Bundle download allows you to share sessions and settings, minimizing the steps you need to perform just to initiate your file transfer operations.

Try a free 30-day evaluation VanDyke Software's integrated clients.

Download the SecureCRT + SecureFX Bundle.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

*The bundle installer is required for settings to be shared between SecureCRT and SecureFX. The individual product installers do not support integration between the two applications.

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