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Download One of the Industry's Top File Transfer Software Products

Download One of the Industry's Top File Transfer Software Products

SecureFX®, the secure file transfer client by VanDyke Software, provides a comprehensive file transfer solution for your organization.

Ease of Use

SecureFX is easy to use, even for users with limited familiarity with secure file transfer operations. The familiar graphical user interface (GUI) and drag-and-drop usability make it easy to select files for transfer, and tabbed sessions allow you to open and track multiple connections in the same window.

Multi-Platform and Protocol Support

SecureFX supports a number of secure file transfer protocols, including:

You can also perform file transfers using FTP for internal operations or those requiring legacy file transfer support.

SecureFX is available for a number of platforms, including Windows (32-bit and 64-bit systems), Mac, Linux and other UNIX-like systems. Because the GUI and functionality are similar across platforms, users can switch between systems with little to no training, making it possible for your organization to standardize on a single file transfer client.

Advanced Features

SecureFX has some advanced features that make it a top software download. SecureFX gives you:

Relentless reconnection and automatic resume capability
When network interruptions occur, SecureFX will automatically attempt to reestablish the connection. For most file transfer operations, SecureFX will also automatically resume the transfer where it left off.

Large file transfer utility
SecureFX does not limit file size or number of files involved in file transfer operations. Bandwidth limits may be set by network administrators to ensure global network performance.

Expanded site synchronization capability
SecureFX gives users multiple ways to initiate site synchronization, including automated synchronization using SFXCL command line (available in SecureFX for Windows only).

VanDyke Software is always looking for ways to enhance the user experience, so some maintenance releases may include new features.

Pre-Sale Support

VanDyke Software's top-notch support is available during the 30-day software evaluation period. When you download the file transfer software for a free 30-day evaluation, our in-house support team is available to answer specific questions regarding SecureFX's operation and functionality.

Get Started

VanDyke Software provides an ideal file transfer solution for your organization. SecureFX's multi-platform support, easy-to-use interface, enhanced utilities, and capabilities make it an ideal file transfer client to standardize on. And with one of the industry's top security records, VanDyke Software provides a file transfer program that protects your data in transit from a number of threats.

Download SecureFX.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

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