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SecureFX®: File Transfer Security You Can Count On

VanDyke Software's secure file transfer client provides uncompromising security for your data in transit.


Ensuring Secure File Transfer

SecureFX employs a number of layers of security to prevent unauthorized access to your data in transit over both SFTP and FTP over SSL.

User Authentication

When using Secure Shell (SSH2) File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), SecureFX supports user authentication via:

  • Password
  • Public key (RSA, DSA, X.509 including smart cards)
  • Kerberos v5 (via GSSAPI)
  • Keyboard interactive

For secure file transfers using FTP over SSL, mutual authentication is supported using third-party and self-signed certificates.

Public Key Assistant

Public Key Assistant allows easy and secure upload of public keys to servers that implement RFC 4819.

Public Key Assistant allows easy and secure upload of public keys to servers that implement RFC 4819.

Data Encryption
SecureFX supports a number of data encryption ciphers, including:

  • AES CTR (128, 192, 256 bit)
  • AES CBC (128, 192, 256 bit)
  • Twofish
  • 3DES

These Secure Shell ciphers can be employed by a number of secure file transfer protocols, including SFTP and SCP.

Data Integrity

SecureFX prevents replay or insertion attacks by guaranteeing the integrity of each message sent over the network using a secure file transfer protocol, such as SFTP or SCP.

Host Identity Verification

X.509 Certificate User Authentication Support

Smart card-based public-key authentication using X.509-compatible certificates supports highly secure two-factor authentication. VanDyke Software's SecureFX supports the PKCS #12 (.pfx) standard file format for X.509 certificates and private keys. PKCS #11 is also supported by SecureFX. This allows a cryptographic token interface to be used. X.509 host key checking automatically accepts the host key if the certificate is valid.

GSSAPI Support

SecureFX provides support for GSSAPI secured key exchange for SSH2 connections. (Mechanisms supported depend on available GSSAPI providers. Only the Kerberos v5 mechanism has been tested.) For SSH2 connections, the Server Principal Name (SPN) can be specified in the GSSAPI Properties dialog.

A Record of Secure File Transfer

VanDyke Software has one of the best security records in the industry. There have been no reported vulnerabilities* since 2008. With SecureFX, you can be assured that our secure file transfer software protects the privacy and integrity of your data in transit.

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*See VanDyke Security Advisories for more information on reported vulnerabilities.

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