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SecureFX for Secure Large File Transfer

SecureFX® for Secure Large File Transfer

SecureFX is a robust file transfer client that allows you to perform large file transfers with ease and gives you greater control over your file transfer operations.


There is no specified file size or number of files that clearly defines when a file transfer operation becomes a "large" file transfer operation, but you probably know when you've reached the maximum capacity of a file transfer program—your system gets bogged down and some transfers just fail.

SecureFX has the capacity to handle large file transfers—transfers involving files greater than 1GB or operations involving thousands of files in a single session.


With SecureFX, you do not have to sacrifice data security for efficient large file transfers. All file transfer operations can be performed securely using SSH2-supported protocols like SFTP and SCP. FTP over TLS is also supported for file transfers with machines that do not support Secure Shell.


With SecureFX, interrupted large file transfers do not have to be restarted. When using SFTP or FTP over TLS, SecureFX's relentless transfer feature automatically resumes interrupted file transfers. In operations involving groups of files, the program "remembers" what files have already been successfully transferred and picks up where the previous file transfer operation was interrupted.


SecureFX gives you control over your file transfer operations so that large file transfers do not bog down your entire system. SecureFX gives you the option to specify:

  • The number of parallel file transfers
  • Maximum bandwidth

With the ability to patrol or throttle file transfers, you can better maintain overall network performance.

Get Started

SecureFX has the robustness to handle large file transfers without compromising the security or performance of your network. Download SecureFX for a free 30-day evaluation. To get started:

Download SecureFX.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

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