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Selecting a Secure File Transfer Program for Your Organization

Selecting a Secure File Transfer Program for Your Organization

Every day, data is sent across networks, and not all file transfers are conducted behind the security of a firewall. To safely send data across public networks, you need an FTP* client that can ensure data security and data integrity.

Strong Data Security

VanDyke Software's file transfer client—SecureFX®—supports multiple secure file transfer protocols:

Multi-protocol support gives you options for secure file transfer operations, minimizing the possibility of server incompatibilities. These protocols apply multiple layers of protection for your data in transit, which may include:

SecureFX may also be run in FIPS-mode, which restricts data encryption to FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic libraries.

Easy Adoption

It's not enough for a program to have secure file transfer capability. For data in transit to be protected, individuals have to use the program. SecureFX has basic and advanced features that make it easy to learn and easy to use.

The interface remains consistent across all platforms for which SecureFX is available—Windows, Mac, and Linux—minimizing the need for (re)training when switching between systems. Drop-down menus make it easy for users to select the secure file transfer protocol to be used for the operation, and filter options make it easy to find and access the files they need.

Easy Administration

SecureFX gives your IT staff the tools and capabilities they need to make system administration more efficient. Recurring file transfer operations can be automated using the SFXCL command line utility (available for Windows only), and file transfer operations can be throttled to maintain overall network performance. When integrated with SecureCRT®, system administrators can also minimize repetitive steps involved in saving and starting sessions.

Get Started

Implementing a standard secure file transfer client can help ensure the security and integrity of data sent across a public network. SecureFX is a robust secure file transfer client that supports multiple secure file transfer protocols, is easy to use and easy to maintain. Try SecureFX free for 30 days.

Download SecureFX.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

* The term "FTP" is used on this page as an abbreviated way to refer to file transfer operations in general, not the discrete (legacy) File Transfer Protocol.

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