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The Benefits of SecureFX & SecureCRT Integration

The Benefits of SecureFX® & SecureCRT® Integration

VanDyke Software provides solutions to your organization's needs for remote access, file transfer, and security. And our integrated software simplifies system administration to save you time and money.

Integrated Solutions

VanDyke Software's secure file transfer client—SecureFX—and terminal emulator—SecureCRT—are available as an integrated installation.

When installed as an integrated package, SecureFX and SecureCRT clients and their libraries are installed into the same folder, enabling a shared database that contains:

  • Global options—default settings for presentation of window views, connection notifications, toolbars, etc.
  • Session options—configured connections
  • Host keys

The integrated package also allows users to launch one application from the other with the click of a single toolbar button.

Why Integrate SecureFX and SecureCRT?

Installing integrated secure file transfer and terminal emulator clients makes system administration more efficient. Rather than manually keying in credentials and server locations to initiate each session, sessions and settings are saved and accessible to users of both clients. This allows IT (Information Technology) professionals to enter the information only once.

When using SecureFX and SecureCRT integrated for Windows, the Activator session manager displays all current sessions in one menu.

Get Started

System administrators' time is valuable. Save them time by allowing them to skip repetitive steps in their operational duties. Try VanDyke Software's integrated file transfer and terminal emulator clients for a free 30-day evaluation.

Download SecureFX.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

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