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Selecting Remote Access Software

Selecting Remote Access Software

Organizations looking for terminal emulation software that enables remote access have a number of options. But to get a client that really boosts network administrators' efficiency and complies with your organization's security policies, there are some features and capabilities on which you must insist.

Remote Access Security

It is not enough for a program to allow you to access remote systems. To keep network devices protected and safeguard logon credentials, you need a client that provides strong security.

SecureCRT® provides a number of ways through which you may securely access remote systems. SecureCRT supports multiple secure protocols:

  • Secure Shell (SSH1 and SSH2)
  • Telnet/SSL

You may also apply security protocols to traffic across a public network through data tunneling (including dynamic port forwarding). You may even keep personal logon credentials private while sharing other session configuration data with colleagues.

Efficiency-Enhancing Features

Network administration often involves repetitive tasks. The ideal remote access software allows you to streamline and automate many of these time-consuming tasks.

SecureCRT gives you powerful task automation tools and a customizable environment to help you work more efficiently. Scripting support, keyboard mapping, customizable button bar, and command window are just some of the features available to increase ease-of-use and reduce repetition. SecureCRT also allows you to quickly and securely transfer files; you may even launch our file transfer client, SecureFX®, from the toolbar.

Standardization Potential

A remote access program that provides security and a user-friendly interface is of limited use if it is not available for all the platforms you need. To fully realize a program's potential to boost efficiency, your network administrators must be able to implement it on all systems.

SecureCRT is available for most major platforms—Windows®, Mac, and Linux, allowing your organization to standardize on one remote access client.

Implementation and Support

To ensure compliance with your organization's security policies, the remote access program you select must work in your environment and evolve to meet the changing demands of network security. Maintenance and support may be the areas where a paid client is by far the better investment.

VanDyke Software continually updates its products to fix any reported bugs, provide new features and enhanced functionality, and give IT professionals more control over the security of their network environment. Our in-house technicians provide unmatched technical support, even during your free evaluation period.

Get Started

VanDyke Software offers a robust remote access client that delivers a high level of security and a number of time-saving and customizable features. Multi-platform support makes SecureCRT an ideal client on which your organization can standardize. Let our professionals help you implement SecureCRT in your network environment. Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

Download SecureCRT.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

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