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Customizable Button Bar

Customizable Button Bar

VanDyke Software delivers a rock-solid secure terminal emulation and remote access program with task automation features that help you maximize efficiency. SecureCRT®'s customizable button bar allows you to streamline repetitive tasks and accelerate execution through a visual display customized for your needs.

Automation via Buttons

The work of an IT professional may often require a lot of repetitive and tedious tasks:

  • Sending commands to the remote shell
  • Logging host output
  • Connecting to multiple network devices and managing logon credentials
  • Importing data from a file
  • Executing Telnet or SSH protocol functions

Administrators can reduce repetition by creating scripts and mapping scripts, strings, menu operations, and more to custom buttons. By mapping commands and functions to custom buttons on the button bar, you can execute tasks with a single mouse click.

Context-Specific Buttons

Scripts, commands, functions, etc. mapped to buttons are globally available in every SecureCRT session. However, not every mapped task is needed for every connection, and the kinds of tasks can differ significantly based on the purpose of the connection—terminal emulation, router maintenance, etc.

To put the right task accelerators at your fingertips, SecureCRT allows you to create a number of different button bars that group buttons together. For example, you may have an "Administrative" button bar and a "VT Terminal Emulation" button bar, each with buttons mapped to scripts, strings, etc. relevant to that purpose. You may choose the appropriate button bar for each session from a drop-down menu, and sessions can be configured to automatically display a specific button bar whenever the session is in use.

Benefits of the Button Bar

The button bar increases efficiency by allowing you to more quickly issue a command, perform a menu operation, or run a script with the added benefit of a visual reminder of the "object" linked to the button. Rather than try to remember what F1 does or what keys to push to launch a file transfer script, you simply look for the button with the name of the mapped relationship.

Get Started

SecureCRT is a robust program that you can customize to better meet the demands of your work. The customizable button bar provides a visual reminder of the shortcuts you create to accelerate task execution. SecureCRT gives network administrators the capability to run scripts, send commands, and more with a single mouse click. Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

Download SecureCRT.

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