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SSH Data Tunneling

SSH Data Tunneling

Executing business operations often requires employees to be off-site. Checking email or logging into a company LAN using the Internet poses a serious threat to the security of your data and your network. But you can secure traffic over a public network via data tunneling (port forwarding) using SecureCRT®.

Secure Internet Traffic and Email

The Internet allows you to expand your LAN so that off-site workers have access to email, company files, and various applications. However, the ports for Internet and email traffic are often targets for eavesdropping and other hacking attacks. By port forwarding, you can direct all traffic through an SSH tunnel so that data is encrypted and protected from hacking attacks.

Data tunneling using SecureCRT is easy. You can specify SSH tunnel settings by:

  • Specifying the session host
  • Identifying the protocol to be used (SSH1 or SSH2)
  • Identifying the listening TCP port from which traffic must be forwarded
  • Identifying the port to which traffic is to be redirected

SecureCRT allows users to set up a port for each activity—e.g., Internet viewing, email, cloud-based applications.  

Security Benefits of Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol

By creating an SSH tunnel, users apply the data security protections afforded by Secure Shell protocol to data sent over public networks:

  • Strong encryption
  • User authentication
  • Host authentication
  • Message authentication

Encrypted data and restricted access help ensure the security of your data and network beyond the firewall.

Get Started

Keep your data and computing activity secure from threats lurking on public networks. The ease with which users can create an SSH tunnel makes SecureCRT the ideal client for employees accessing and manipulating company data from outside the protection of a firewall. Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

Download SecureCRT.

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