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Automating Repetitive Commands Using Key Mapping

Automating Repetitive Commands Using Key Mapping

SecureCRT® provides IT professionals with robust tools to make network administration tasks more efficient. One such tool is key mapping, which allows you to reduce task execution to a single keystroke.

What Users Can Automate

With SecureCRT, you may map a number of tasks, functions, and commands to a keystroke on a per session basis. Customized keyboard shortcuts can be created to:

  • Connect to sessions
  • Send custom character sequences or shell commands to a remote system
  • Perform select protocol-specific functionality
  • Run scripts
  • Select menu items
  • Launch external applications

SecureCRT also comes with default keymap files that include mapped keys for common terminal types and protocol (Telnet, SSH, Telnet/SSL) commands. You may modify default keymap files and easily create and share your own with the graphical keymap editor (available for Windows only).

Key Mapping with SecureCRT

SecureCRT allows you to use the entire keyboard, not just function keys, to accelerate your work. Scripts, commands, etc. may be mapped to a single (non-modifier) key or a combination of modifiers (e.g., CTRL, ALT, SHIFT) + a non-modifier key pressed simultaneously.

Get Started

Make your work easier by making SecureCRT work for you. Use default and/or create unique keymap files to simplify everything from session logon to Telnet or SSH command execution to logging host command data. Find out how SecureCRT can make network administrators' work more efficient. Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

Download SecureCRT.

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