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Remote File Editing Made Easy

Remote File Editing Made Easy

SecureFX® lets you do more than simply copy and move files from one system to another. Robust remote file editing capabilities allow you to work on and with the files you need from nearly any local machine.

Remote File Management Capabilities

SecureFX enables a full range of file transfer actions—copy, move, and delete. Filter options allow you to restrict the remote files you wish to access, and site synchronization options allow you to easily define parameters for the operation (upload only, download only, mirror both, mirror local, mirror remote).

SecureFX also lets you manipulate a remotely accessed file. Double-clicking a file will launch the application so that you can view and make changes to the document, spreadsheet, web page, etc. Working with a file attached to an email requires multiple steps: downloading, editing, and emailing. In contrast, remote file editing via SecureFX automatically updates the file on the remote system.

Restricting Remote File Access

For network and data security purposes, you may need to restrict remote file access permissions, which cannot be done by a client application. VanDyke Software's server-side program VShell® gives system administrators the tools they need to limit network users' remote file access and editing capabilities.

Get Started

SecureFX's robust file editing capabilities allow users to do their work away from the job site. And when implemented with a server configured to restrict remote file access, your network and data are protected from accidental (or intentional) remote client mishandling. Download the SecureFX client and VShell server for free for a 30-day evaluation.

Download SecureFX.

Download VShell.

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