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Task Automation Using Script Recorder

Task Automation Using Script Recorder

Creating scripts to automate repetitive tasks can save a lot of time, but creating scripts themselves may take more time than busy network professionals have. SecureCRT® simplifies the scripting process to make it easier and less time-consuming.

How Script Recorder Works

SecureCRT's script recorder significantly shortens the process of creating a script by translating everything you enter (and the resulting output) into a scripting language of your choice.

Once you select Start Recording Script from the Script menu, everything you type (and everything that is received from the remote side) is captured until you select Stop Recording Script. When you stop the script recorder, you will be prompted to select the scripting language you want—VBScript or Python for Windows®, Python for macOS and Linux. SecureCRT then saves the generated script code to a file (script code may need to be edited to ensure desired functionality.)

SecureCRT's script recorder will capture function keys and translate mapped keys, so even when you are creating scripts, you can use your customized shortcuts.

Benefits of Script Recorder

Not every IT professional has extensive scripting experience. With the script recorder, you can take advantage of SecureCRT's powerful task automation capabilities without having to learn the intricate details of a scripting language.

Scripts have the potential to save network administrators significant time by automating a number of repetitive tasks, including:

  • Logging into multiple hosts
  • Sending commands/text to connected hosts/devices
  • Logging command output
  • Importing data from a file to a SecureCRT session
  • Transferring files

Once you have created and edited your scripts using the script recorder, SecureCRT gives you a number of ways to launch your scripts, including customized buttons, mapped keys, and command-line arguments.

Get Started

Scripts provide a way to cut down on repetitive tasks, and SecureCRT gives you a way to cut down on the time it takes to create scripts. The built-in script recorder records your keystrokes and output to quickly create a script on nearly any major platform. Give your IT professionals the tools they need to make network administration tasks more efficient.

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