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Highly Customizable Key Mapping Capability

Highly Customizable Key Mapping Capability

VanDyke Software's terminal emulation/remote access program works for you. Task automation tools allow you to streamline repetitive tasks and accelerate execution through key mapping. SecureCRT® allows you to create custom keymap files for each session.

Default Mapped Keys

SecureCRT jumpstarts network administrators' efforts to increase efficiency by providing pre-defined mapped keys for common terminal types and protocol functions. Default keymap files may be edited to accommodate your needs and preferences.

Custom Key Mapping

You can significantly accelerate your tasks by creating mapped keys that work for you. Mapped keys may be created to:

  • Run scripts
  • Send a string
  • Perform a menu operation
  • Send a Telnet command (or other protocol function)
  • Launch an external application

SecureCRT does not limit key mapping to function keys, nor are you limited to global keymap files. Mapped keys may be customized for each session. 

High Efficiency

Custom key mapping allows you to maximize network administration efficiency. Not only do mapped keys streamline repetitive tasks, but they create shortcuts that allow you to send commands and execute functions without moving back and forth between keyboard and mouse. For IT professionals often working with text-only command line programs, this can provide significant time savings.

Get Started

Get the terminal emulation and remote access software that works for you. SecureCRT's robust task automation features, including key mapping, allow you to streamline repetitive tasks and customize how you execute them. Give your network administrators the tools they need to maximize efficiency. Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

Download SecureCRT.

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