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File Transfer Client with Secure Shell (SSH2) Safeguards

File Transfer Client with Secure Shell (SSH2) Safeguards

SecureFX®, VanDyke Software's file transfer client, supports file transfers via SFTP, providing the highest level of data security through SSH2 safeguards.

Evolution of SSH Protection

With the advent of the Internet, FTP became one of the most commonly-used protocols to transfer files across a public network. But FTP sends data, including usernames and passwords, in the clear. In order to protect data in transit, Secure Shell (SSH1) was developed. Although SSH1 protocol uses encryption to ensure that usernames, passwords, and other data are not sent in plain-text over the network, the SSH1 protocol has security weaknesses.

Layers of Security via SSH2

SSH2 entails safeguards applied on both the client- and server-side of file transfer operations. When you use SFTP for file transfers, data security is ensured by:

Host Identity Verification

To establish a secure session, SecureFX verifies whether the server is a "known" host by comparing the server's identity against a list of user-verified host keys.

User Authentication

User authentication is possible through a variety of supported methods, including password, public-key, keyboard-interactive (challenge-response), and GSSAPI (Kerberos).

Data encryption

Using an SSH2-based file transfer protocol for transfers allows you to apply a number of ciphers to encrypt data in transit. 

Data Integrity

SSH2-based protocols apply MACs (Message Authentication Codes) to safeguard against data tampering.

In order to benefit from the SSH2 safeguards, SecureFX must be able to establish a connection with a server that supports SFTP, like VanDyke Software's VShell®.

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Apply the highest level of security to file transfers organization-wide. SecureFX not only supports SFTP, it supports multiple protocols and platforms as well. Download VanDyke Software's file transfer client for a free 30-day evaluation.

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