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File Synchronization with SecureFX

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File Synchronization with SecureFX®

SecureFX, VanDyke Software's file transfer program, provides multiple layers of security to protect your data in transit and allows you to simplify and streamline operations to synchronize multiple sites on your network.


SecureFX ensures secure file transfer operations by employing a number of processes and protocols. SecureFX can be used to establish an encrypted connection via:

  • SFTP (Secure Shell [SSH2] File Transfer Protocol)
  • FTP over SSL
  • SCP

The secure file transfer protocols supported by SecureFX ensure message integrity and verify origin through user and message authentication.


A number of tools and features allow you to utilize SecureFX to securely maintain local and remote file systems.

Filters and File Selection

Use the synchronize operations to upload, download, or mirror local and remote sites. SecureFX synchronization features allow:

  • Filtering to include or exclude files or file types
  • Filtering with wildcard support
  • Creation of customized global filters that may be turned on/off for individual synchronization operations

The "mirror local" and "mirror remote" options automatically delete files or folders that are not on the source from the destination, allowing you to exactly match the destination and source.

Streamlined Synchronization Operations

To save setup time, the Quick Synchronize and Synchronize dialogs can automatically use paths from the active sessions for synchronization operations. Multiple sites are easy to keep synchronized with a database that supports saving, editing and executing operations. Use your favorite scheduling tool to automate recurrent synchronization operations with the SFXCL command-line client (only available for SecureFX for Windows).

Get Started

VanDyke Software's SecureFX gives you the tools to make site synchronization more time efficient without compromising the security of your data.  Try our secure file transfer program free for 30 days. To get started:

Download the SecureFX client.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

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