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SecureFX Customization

SecureFX® Customization

SecureFX allows you to work more efficiently by giving you the ability to customize the interface menu bar and toolbars and select notifications.

Toolbar and Menu Customization Options (Windows Only)

When you use SecureFX for Windows, there are a number of ways in which you can customize the menu bar and toolbars. You can access full customization options through the Customize Tools dialog (available under the Tools menu) or use ALT + drag method. Using either method, you may:

  • Add or remove commands and buttons on the main toolbar
  • Rearrange buttons on the main toolbar
  • Create new menus
  • Add or remove commands from custom menus
  • Create new toolbars

Default settings show tips when hovering over any command button, so you can quickly understand the functionality of any unfamiliar icon. This option may be turned off when tips and keyboard shortcuts are no longer needed.


In addition to customizing the layout to better fit your needs, the Global Options dialog (in the Options menu) allows you to select sounds to notify you upon:

  • Connect
  • Unexpected disconnect
  • Transfer complete
  • Error

Although you may configure SecureFX to notify you in the event of an unexpected disconnect, further action may not be necessary to continue the file transfer operation. SecureFX settings can be changed to relentlessly reconnect, and for most file types and transfer protocols used, the operation will be automatically resumed as well.

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VanDyke Software's secure file transfer client gives your staff the tools and capabilities they need to transfer files most efficiently, and because SecureFX is available on multiple platforms, you can standardize on a single client to increase overall system administration efficiency, too. Try SecureFX free for 30 days.

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