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SSH Client for Windows®, Mac, and Linux

SSH Client for Windows®, Mac, and Linux

Using the Internet to expand LAN access to off-site workers or manipulate remote servers or mainframes (see Terminal Emulation) is cost-effective for businesses. However, remotely accessing networked machines via the Internet without adequate security leaves your data and network vulnerable a number of hacking attacks.

Using a Secure Shell (SSH) client can mitigate hacking threats by employing strong encryption and authentication measures. VanDyke Software's SecureCRT® is an SSH client that provides the security and the flexibility you need for remote access and terminal emulation.

Popular Ways to Utilize Secure Shell (SSH)

Two popular ways Secure Shell may be used to provide data privacy, data integrity, and, in turn, network security, include:

Direct Connection

Establish a direct connection between an SSH client, like SecureCRT, and an SSH server.

SSH Data Tunnel

Port forward traffic between their local machine and a public server/network to a designated listening port, which transmits traffic through an encrypted "tunnel," securing data sent via otherwise non-secure protocols (like TCP/IP).

SSH2 tunnels are multiplexed, allowing multiple applications to transmit data across a single channel, which means only one port must be open on a firewall or router.

SSH Client Versions & Server Compatibility

SecureCRT is available for most major platforms—Windows, Mac, and Linux. This SSH client enables secure remote access as well as secure terminal emulation. SecureCRT supports open standard Secure Shell protocols (SSH1, SSH2), so this client is compatible with a wide variety of SSH servers, including VanDyke's own VShell®.

Get Started

SecureCRT is an SSH client, giving you the ability to apply Secure Shell's data security measures to their remote access or terminal emulation sessions. Multi-platform and open standard support make SecureCRT the one SSH client you can implement organization-wide. Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

Download SecureCRT.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

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