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SecureCRT Provides Data Security through Telnet/TLS Support

SecureCRT® Provides Data Security through Telnet/TLS Support

A number of connection protocols can provide data security across a public network, but most terminal emulation clients only support one secure protocol, limiting the number of servers and other remote machines you may access. However, SecureCRT provides maximum compatibility by supporting multiple secure protocols, including Telnet/TLS.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) Security

TLS provides trusted security through strong data encryption and user and host authentication mechanisms.

TLS is the standard protocol for many financial institutions, so for system administrators to access remote systems, they must have a TLS client.

To maximize interoperability, SecureCRT supports Telnet/TLS* and both versions of Secure Shell.

TLS Security and More

SecureCRT gives you more than flexibility in the security protocol you use. SecureCRT also provides:

For a full list of features and capabilities, see the SecureCRT Features page.

Get Started

SecureCRT provides flexibility in platform and secure protocol. Support for Telnet/TLS increases server compatibility and may be easier to implement with some Windows applications. Give your IT professionals the tools they need to more efficiently complete network administration tasks without compromising security.

Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

*Telnet/TLS support available only in SecureCRT for Windows®.

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