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Triggers save time by automating routine administrative tasks

Busy system administrators have bigger issues to attend to than moving files from one folder to another or manually scanning uploaded files for virus infections. Always on the run, they could also use some way of being notified that someone has exceeded the permitted number of logon attempts — often an early sign of an intrusion attempt. VShell® server helps administrators deal with these issues with triggers.

Triggers allow an administrator to initiate file operations like anti-virus scans or moving files from an upload folder to a destination folder. The VShell server provides an extensive set of trigger conditions that allow administrators to script a variety of common tasks. Setting up an SFTP file upload trigger is as simple as checking a box in the VShell Control Panel and entering a command argument (Windows) or adding a line to the VShell configuration file (UNIX). The command can invoke an application or call a script or batch file to process the file(s) after they have been successfully uploaded to the VShell server. Variables for file path and user are available to customize the resulting action.

Other trigger conditions available for system control are:
  • Download
  • Failed authentication
  • Login
  • Logout
  • File Rename
  • File Delete
  • Folder Create
  • Folder Rename
  • Folder Delete

Download triggers can be used to initiate an automated action after a file has been downloaded. As an example, a file can be automatically moved or deleted once it has been downloaded or an email can be sent to notify the administrator that the file has been retrieved.

The failed authentication trigger initiates a command after a user exceeds the permitted number of logon attempts and can be used to send an email or page notification to the administrator. This trigger provides the ability to embed IP address, time, and user information into the message.

For more information on configuring triggers in VShell for UNIX, see the Solutions Guide.

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