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Tabbed Sessions

Tabbed Sessions

System administrators need more than a robust terminal emulator or remote access program. They need a program that is easy to use—one that lets them organize and keep track of activity in multiple connections at once. VanDyke Software's SecureCRT® has a tabbed interface with status indicators to help users monitor activity on multiple sessions at a glance.


SecureCRT is one of the only terminal emulation programs available that supports a tabbed interface. But what's more—you can customize the tabbed display. Rename tabs to help you easily identify which connections are open. Customization options allow you to adjust tab width, double-click action, and tab location (top or bottom).


Tabbed connections may be dragged and dropped into any order you choose. Tabbed connections may also be dragged and dropped between SecureCRT windows, making it easy for you to compare activity between connections displayed side-by-side.


SecureCRT's customization options also allow you to activate status indicators. Audio and visual cues can be enabled to let you know if:

  • The session is still connected
  • There is activity in a session
  • The session has been inactive for a specified period of time

Status indicators allow administrators to work in one session while effectively monitoring other connections without switching between tabs. You may also keep a session active while preventing accidentally sending commands by locking the session. (Locked connections are indicated by a lock icon on the tab.)

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Visual display can be a big factor in how quickly and accurately IT professionals can manage and manipulate multiple hosts or devices. SecureCRT provides a user-friendly tabbed interface that allows them to customize and organize multiple sessions as well as work on one machine while easily monitoring others. Give your system administrators the tools they need to work most effectively. Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

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