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Multiple SSH-Facilitated Secure File Transfer Options

Multiple SSH-Facilitated Secure File Transfer Options

SecureCRT® gives you many ways to complete secure file transfer operations using Secure Shell (SSH1 or SSH2) protocols.

Secure File Transfers Using SFTP

If you already have an SSH2 session connected, you can open an SFTP tab to conduct secure file transfers without having to re-authenticate. Once your SFTP tab is open, you can start typing SFTP commands, and tab completion is supported. Additionally, you can initiate uploads by dragging files from Windows® Explorer to the SFTP tab.

You may also conduct secure file transfers using SFTP by launching SecureFX®, VanDyke Software's file transfer client (requires integrated version).

More Supported File Transfer Protocols

You do not have to use SSH's file transfer protocol (SFTP) to conduct file transfer operations. You can still provide data security by connecting using SSH1 or SSH2 and using any of the other supported file transfer protocols:

  • Xmodem
  • Ymodem
  • Zmodem
  • Kermit

Conducting file transfers through an SSH session ensures that all data being transferred is encrypted and protected from eavesdropping attacks.

Get Started

SecureCRT gives you a number of ways to complete secure file transfers from any Secure Shell session. SSH2 connections give you the most options, including the drag-and-drop usability of SFTP, but SecureCRT supports a number of protocols to maximize compatibility.

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