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SecureCRT® Solutions

VanDyke Software provides solutions for a number of network and organization-wide challenges. Our terminal emulation client, SecureCRT, increases efficiency and provides a high level of security for systems that communicate on unsecure public networks.

Problem: Need a Secure Alternative to Telnet

When computer networks were limited to government, education, and research institutions, network and data security was not a high-level concern. In this context, Telnet, an unsecure network protocol, was sufficient.

With the introduction of the Internet, however, security has become a major concern. Many organizations are looking for a secure alternative to Telnet for network communication and administration.

Solution: Data tunneling using Secure Shell protocol(s)

SecureCRT supports Secure Shell protocols—SSH1 and SSH2—which establish a secure connection by which systems may communicate. Data tunneling over Secure Shell provides strong encryption to ensure data privacy.

Problem: Need Secure Remote Access

A number of protocols allow users to access systems remotely, but many of these protocols were developed before the launch of the World Wide Web when network security was not a priority. While many unsecure protocols, like Rlogin, can still be used, organizations are opting for secure alternatives to provide off-site access.

Solution: Software that provides multiple secure network protocol support

SecureCRT provides multiple protocol support. Secure connections may be established via Secure Shell protocols (SSH1, SSH2) and Telnet/SSL*.

Problem: Need to Increase System Administration Efficiency

Remote access software may allow you to manipulate systems on the entire network, but repetitive commands and tasks can make administration time- and labor-intensive. 

Solution: Get software with the tools you need to streamline repetitive tasks.

SecureCRT's high-productivity interface simplifies session management and gives you the ability to send commands to multiple sessions simultaneously through the Command Window feature. Task automation may be done through keyboard mapping, customizable Button Bar, and scripting.

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SecureCRT is the solution for network security and administration efficiency challenges. SSH1, SSH2, and Telnet/SSL protocols make SecureCRT a secure alternative to Telnet. Key features streamline repetitive administration tasks. Take advantage of the benefits of SecureCRT—download VanDyke Software's terminal emulation client for a free 30-day evaluation.

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* Support for SSL is available for Windows only.

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