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SecureCRT®: Flexible Secure Shell (SSH) Client Download

SecureCRT®: Flexible Secure Shell (SSH) Client Download

Organizations can leverage the Internet to expand their own networks, give off-site workers access to files and machines they need, and save on other communication costs (e.g., fax, couriers). However, to protect sensitive information, organizations must apply security measures to keep data, like usernames and passwords, from being transmitted across a public network in the clear.

Secure Shell was developed to address the need for data security. Today, a number of programs are available as downloads or shipped with machines that enable organizations to apply Secure Shell protections. VanDyke Software's SecureCRT is one of the top SSH downloads available because of its flexibility and outstanding technical support.

Protections Provided by Secure Shell

SSH provides data and network security by implementing mechanisms for:

  • User authentication
  • Host authentication
  • Data encryption (ensures privacy of data)
  • Data integrity (prevents data corruption/tampering)

Together, these four security benefits ensure that only authorized users have access to your network systems and data, and that data sent across the network is safeguarded from a number of hacking threats.

SecureCRT is a Top Secure Shell Download

SecureCRT stands out among terminal emulation/remote access clients that support SSH because:

  • It provides a number of time-saving features and capabilities, including SFTP support.
  • It supports most major platforms (Windows®, Mac, and Linux), making it an SSH client that can be implemented organization-wide.

In addition to its platform flexibility, SecureCRT also maximizes server compatibility by supporting SSH1, SSH2, and other protocols.

Unlike many other free Secure Shell client downloads, SecureCRT is continually updated to address any reported or suspected vulnerabilities and to continually provide you with a better user experience. VanDyke Software's in-house technical support team is even available during the free evaluation period, allowing you to test SecureCRT in your environment to assure a smooth rollout.

Get Started

SecureCRT supports Secure Shell protocols, allowing you to safeguard your data and network while allowing remote access. Support for SSH1 and SSH2 minimizes server compatibility issues, and multi-platform support allows your organization to standardize on one Secure Shell client.

Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

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