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History of SecureCRT's Development

History of SecureCRT® Development

From Telnet to Secure Shell Data Tunneling

VanDyke Software has been on the forefront of network technology since the company's inception in 1995. Keeping pace with developments in personal computing, VanDyke released CRT 1.0, a Telnet client, on the World Wide Web in the same month Microsoft released Windows 95. Improvements in network technology and security have led to improvements in VanDyke Software's terminal emulation program.

New Secure Protocol, New Product

The need for network security provided the impetus for the development of Secure Shell—a network protocol that provided for a secure connection over an unsecure network. The first version of Secure Shell—SSH1—was privately developed in 1995 and was quickly adopted by users worldwide.

VanDyke Software understood the need for improved network security. Support for SSH1 was integrated into the terminal emulation client, prompting the development of a new product: SecureCRT.

SecureCRT has been consistently updated to support new security protocols as they have been developed. Upon adoption of IETF's SSH2, VanDyke Software updated SecureCRT to support the new standards-based protocol. To increase compatibility with a wider range of server types, support for other protocols (e.g. Telnet over SSL) has been integrated as well. To ensure that SecureCRT can be used for terminal emulation for the widest array of systems possible, legacy protocols, including Telnet and serial, continue to be supported.

New Features

Aside from providing security via secure protocols, the biggest improvements in SecureCRT have come in the form of new features. The most notable improvement was the tabbed interface. VanDyke Software has continued to improve users' experience and increase efficiency by adding features to simplify session management and streamline repetitive tasks.

SecureCRT updates also include Python script support, which allows scripting on multiple platforms. FIPS support (available for Windows only) may help users maintain compliance with federal regulations.

Same Reliability

VanDyke Software prides itself on providing a high level of security and is known for creating reliable software, giving users reason to trust SecureCRT. If you are looking for a secure alternative to Telnet, SecureCRT delivers secure remote access and rock-solid terminal emulation. Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

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