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Benefits of SecureCRT

Benefits of SecureCRT®

SecureCRT is a feature-rich terminal emulation client that offers significant benefits that help system administrators save time and money.


SecureCRT is available for most major platforms—Windows®, Mac, and Linux, and it supports a wide range of terminal emulations:

SecureCRT also supports a number of secure protocols:

  • SSH1
  • SSH2
  • Telnet/SSL (Windows only)

Using Secure Shell protocols also allows you to maintain FIPS compliance by only applying algorithms included in FIPS 140-2-validated cryptography libraries*.

Support for multiple platforms, emulations, and connection protocols minimize compatibility issues, allowing you to implement one terminal emulation client organization-wide.

Increased Productivity

SecureCRT's key features and advanced session management allow you to customize thousands of sessions, edit multiple sessions, and organize saved sessions into multiple levels of folders.

The easy-to-use interface displays active sessions as tabbed or tiled sessions. SecureCRT also has a number of task automation tools, including:

  • Scripting/script recorder
  • Customizable button bar
  • Custom keyboard mapping
  • Command window

When connected using a secure protocol (SSH1, SSH2, Telnet/SSL), users can also securely transfer files between network devices using:

  • SFTP (only available when connected with SSH2)
  • Xmodem
  • Ymodem
  • Zmodem
  • Kermit

You may also launch VanDyke Software's secure file transfer client—SecureFX®—from SecureCRT (when SecureCRT/SecureFX integrated version is installed).

Reliable Security

SecureCRT uses standards-based protocols to ensure data security and integrity. And SecureCRT is brought to you by a company with an excellent history of product performance and reliability.

Get Started

SecureCRT offers flexibility, increases administration efficiency and productivity, and delivers reliable security. It is the single terminal emulation program you need for your entire organization. Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

Download SecureCRT.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

* FIPS mode available for Windows only.

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