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Command Window Automation

These examples demonstrate how to automate the Command window in SecureCRT 7.2 and newer.

  • Hide/Display/Determine visibility of the Command window
  • Enable/Disable the option to send commands to all connected sessions
  • Get/Put text into the Command window
  • Send contents of the Command window to connected devices
  • Send text to the Command window using a button on SecureCRT's button bar

What is the Command Window?

It used to be called the "chat window" — historically named because the individual requesting the functionality originally wanted to send multiple lines at once to the poetry bulletin board chat room they were connecting to with SecureCRT at the time.

The Command window provides a mechanism for composing a line (or more) of text before sending to the remote system. The Command window also supports history, which allows previous commands to be viewed, edited, and sent. Commands can be sent to the active session, all sessions, selected tab groups, or visible sessions. A "Send characters immediately" mode makes it possible in one or multiple sessions to stop commands using CTRL+C, edit files using an editor such as vi, send escape sequences, and do tab completion.

Find out more about the Command window by watching the Command Window Video on the VanDyke Software YouTube Channel or by reading the tip, Using The Command Window To Send Commands To Multiple SecureCRT Sessions.

A few example script files are available below for slightly different purposes.

Example Scripts (1.3 KB)
Command(Chat)WindowScriptingTutorial(7.2+).vbs.txt (9.2 KB)
Command(Chat)WindowScriptingExample(7.2+).vbs.txt (5.7 KB)


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