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Color Scheme Scripting

Watch the video: Color Schemes and ANSI Color Palettes

Consider the following scenarios:

  • Sharing a configuration with team members and want a quick way to get at your preferred colors?
  • Do you just want to have your color schemes automatically rotate through each time you connect in order to avoid the monotony of the same view?
  • Or, do you simply want to quickly cycle through all available color schemes in rapid succession to see which one you prefer most?

Whatever your need, these examples demonstrate how you can select pre-defined color schemes from within a SecureCRT script.

Two different examples are available:
Given a value that matches the name of an existing color scheme in SecureCRT, this script changes the color scheme in the current open session to match that color scheme provided. Name that scheme, press the button, and it's yours. is available for downloading below.
Each time this script is run, it rotates your session color scheme setting to the next color scheme defined in SecureCRT's global color scheme list. Use it as a Logon Script to automatically cycle through your color schemes each time you connect. Boredom prevention, perhaps? Nope! It's a 5x click-reduction efficiency increase. is available for downloading below.

"Happiness is a nice, easy-on-the-eyes color scheme."

Consider mapping SecureCRT button bar buttons to run these scripts (see this tip, Introduction to the SecureCRT Button Bar), as demonstrated in this video, SecureCRT Color Scheme Scripting.

Here's a demonstration of the new color schemes available in SecureCRT 8.3 and later:

Birds of Paradise

Color Scheme - Birds of Paradise


Color Scheme - Chalkboard


Color Scheme - Ciapre

Dark Pastel

Color Scheme - Dark Pastel


Color Scheme - Desert


Color Scheme - Espresso


Color Scheme - Ideltoes


Color Scheme - Invisibone


Color Scheme - Novel

Solarized Darcula

Color Scheme - Solarized Darcula

Solarized Dark

Color Scheme - Solarized Dark

Solarized Light

Color Scheme - Solarized Light


Color Scheme - Tomorrow


Color Scheme - Zenburn


Want to have even more color schemes available?
Another example script will import nearly 200 different color schemes into SecureCRT:

The following is a list of the color schemes that the above script will ensure are available in SecureCRT:

_bash Harper Paul Millr
3024 Day Hemisu Dark Pencil Dark
3024 Night Hemisu Light Pencil Light
Aci Highway Peppermint
Aco Hipster Green Pnevma
Adventure Time Homebrew PowerShell
Afterglow Hurtado Pro
Alien Blood Hybrid Red Alert
Argonaut ibm3270 Red Sands
Arthur IC Green PPL Relaxed
Atom IC Orange PPL Rippedcasts
Azu Idletoes Royal
base16: Google (dark) Invisibone Sat
base16: Google (light) Ir Black Sea Shells
Belafonte Day Jackie Brown Seafoam Pastel
Belafonte Night Japanesque Seti
Bim Jellybeans Shaman
Black / Cyan Jup Shel
Black / Floral White Kibble Slate
Blazer Kokuban Smyck
Blarland Later This Evening Snazzy
Broadcast Lavandula Soft Server
Brogrammer Liquid Carbon Solarized Darcula
C64 Liquid Carbon Transparent Solarized Dark
Cai Maia Solarized Light
Chalkboard Mar Spacedust
Ciapre Material SpaceGray
Clone of Ubuntu Mathias SpaceGray Eighties
CLRS Medallion SpaceGray Eighties Dll
Cobalt 2 Misterioso Spring
Cobalt Neon Miu Square
Colorcli Molokai Srcery
Crayon Pony Fish Mona Lisa summer-pop
Dark Pastel mono-amber Sundried
Darkside Monochrome Symphonic
Desert mono-cyan SynthWave
Dimmed Monokai mono-green Teerb
DOS Monokai Dark Terminal Basic
Dracula Monokai Soda Terminix Dark
Earthsong mono-red Thayer Bright
Elemental mono-white Tin
Elementary mono-yellow Tomorrow
Elic N0tch2k Tomorrow Night
Elio neon-night Tomorrow Night Blue
Espresso Neopolitan Tomorrow Night Bright
Espresso Libre Nep Tomorrow Night Eighties
Fairy Floss Neutron Toy Chest
Fairy Floss Dark Night Owl Traditional
Fishtank Nightlion V1 Treehouse
Flat Nightlion V2 Twilight
Flat Remix nighty Ura
Flatland Nord Urple
Floral White / Dark Cyan Nord Light Vag
Foxnightly Novel Vaughn
Freya Obsidian Vibrant Ink
Frontend Delight Ocean VS Code Dark+
Frontend Fun Forrest Ocean Dark Warm Neon
Frontend Galaxy Oceanic Next Wez
Github Ollie White / Black
gooey One Dark White / Blue
gotham One Half Black Wild Cherry
Grape One Light Windows
Grass palenight Wombat
Gray Pali Wryan
Gruvbox PaperColor Dark Yellow / Black
Grubox Dark PaperColor Light Zenburn
Hardcore Paraiso Dark  

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