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Overview of Tiling in SecureCRT®

Session tiling adds a new dimension to session display in SecureCRT, giving you the ability to monitor and control devices with confidence, as well as saving time and effort. This overview discusses the basic operation of tiled sessions, tiling-related options, and interaction with the Command window.

Figure 1 below shows the basic tiled interface in SecureCRT. Tiling is selected on the Window menu. Sessions can be tiled or cascaded. On the Windows version, a vertical or horizontal orientation can be selected.

When you first run SecureCRT, tabs are the default session display. Here is an overview of tiling behaviors:

  • If you open a new session, SecureCRT will retile the set of sessions
  • SecureCRT remembers the size of the tiled window
  • The Cascade option allows you to keep your chosen session geometry (i.e., rows and columns)
  • Scripts written to use tabbed sessions will usually work with tiled sessions
  • Tiling options are selected on the Terminal / Tabs/Tiling page of the Global Options dialog
  • Many of the global options for tabs also apply to tiled windows, such as Inactivity status, Confirm when closing multiple tabs, and Reuse disconnected tabs
Screenshot of basic tiled session display in SecureCRT
Figure 1. Basic tiled session display in SecureCRT

Figure 2 shows how the Command window looks with a tiled session display. The Command window interacts with tiled sessions in the same way as it does with tabbed sessions. The Send Commands to All Sessions option may be used to broadcast commands to all tiled sessions with immediate feedback.

Screenshot of tiled sessions with Command window using Send Commands to All Sessions option
Figure 2. Tiled sessions with Command window using Send Commands to All Sessions option

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