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Moving Tabs In SecureCRT®

SecureCRT version 6.0 and later supports moving session tabs out to a separate window and back in again as needed. Session tabs may be dragged to another SecureCRT window using the mouse as well as controlled from the tab context menu. This makes it quick and easy, for example, to send a tab out to a new window, compare two windows side by side, then drag the session back in when finished. This tip will demonstrate how to drag tabs as well as tab control using the context menu.

Since version 5.0, SecureCRT users have known the value of tabbed sessions. Running multiple sessions in one SecureCRT window is easier to manage and control. By default, an icon is used to alert you to changes in connection status. Tabs are scriptable for complete control and automation.

Drag-and-drop tabs dovetail into this already rich feature set to give you the ultimate in flexible, time-saving functionality.

Open one or more sessions in tabs

  1. Make sure the Session Tabs option is enabled from the View menu or the Global Options / Terminal / Appearance dialog.
  2. Use the Open in Tab toolbar button or Connect in Tab command on the File menu to open a session in a tab.

Drag and drop between SecureCRT windows

  1. First, right-click on a session tab in the main SecureCRT window to bring up the tab's context menu.
  2. Select Send to New Window or Clone to New Window to get a tab in a separate SecureCRT window.
  3. With two or more separate SecureCRT windows open, click on a session tab, drag it to another SecureCRT window and drop it. The tab will move from one window to the other.

Map tab double-click action

If you frequently use the tab context menu to send a tab to a new window or clone a tab in a new window, you can map one of these actions to the tab double-click action starting with SecureCRT 6.7.

  1. Open the Global Options dialog and select the Tabs / Tiling category. Depending on the version of SecureCRT you are running and your operating system platform, this category may be named Tabs.
  2. From the Double-click action dropdown, select Send Tab to New Window or Clone Tab in New Window.

To learn more about using tabs, see the Using the Software / Getting to Know the Window / Session Tabs topic in the SecureCRT program Help file.

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