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Copy on Select for X-Windows Mouse Behavior in SecureCRT®

If you use a terminal window or Linux console, you have probably developed some timesaving "X" habits. With SecureCRT, you don't have to give up X-Windows applications behavior.

The Copy on select option automatically copies text selected with the mouse in the SecureCRT emulation window to the Windows clipboard. Copy on select can be combined with the Paste on middle button option to easily copy and paste selected text with minimal mousing and no additional keystrokes.

Note: If you choose to paste on "middle" button and you only have a two-button mouse, you can simulate a middle mouse-click in SecureCRT by pressing both mouse buttons at the same time.

To enable the Copy on select and Paste on middle button options in SecureCRT, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Terminal category in the Global Options dialog.
  2. In the Mouse group, select the Copy on select option and the Paste on middle/right button option.

You can read more about different ways to copy and paste text to and from the terminal screen in the SecureCRT application Help. In the SecureCRT Help index, click on Copying, and then select Copying and Pasting.

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