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Paste (or Send ASCII File) with Echo Flow Control

These example scripts demonstrate how to send data from the clipboard to a remote system, sending each line one at a time and waiting for prior lines to be echoed back by the remote system before moving on with sending subsequent lines. This is one approach to prevent overwhelming remote hosts like Cisco devices that don't implement any SSH flow control and therefore are incapable of accepting data as fast as SecureCRT normally sends it. (See also the tip, Avoid Incomplete Paste Operations with Echo Flow Control).

Example Scripts

  • (5.88 KB)
    This script takes the contents of the clipboard and sends it to the connected device, line by line.
  • (6.31 KB)
    This script allows for sending the contents of a file, line by line, to the connected device. The file can be specified as a command-line argument; if an argument to the script is not present, a prompt will appear allowing you to browse to and select the desired file containing the lines that will be sent.

    Note: SecureCRT supports performing a button's action on all connected tabs/tiles in parallel when the Shift key on the keyboard is held down when clicking a button on the button bar or double-clicking a command in the Command Manager. When using this "send-to-all" approach with the example script, some may find that the interaction will be much better when the button or command configured to run the script is set up with an argument referencing the full path to the file you desire to send.


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