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Automate File Transfer Using SecureFX's SFXCL and Windows Scheduler

Note: This tip is for use with SecureFX for Windows.

The SFXCL command-line utility that ships with SecureFX for Windows can be used with the Windows Scheduler to automate file transfer activities. For example, you might have a set of files that need to be transferred on a daily basis at a specific time.

Creating an SFXCL Command Line, Batch File, or Script

Before a file transfer task can be scheduled, you will need to create the SFXCL command line, batch file, or script that will be used to perform the file transfer operation, testing it to ensure that the files or folders are transferred as desired.
If your file transfer goals involve performing multiple file transfers, create a batch file or a script (i.e., PowerShell, VBScript, etc.) that will perform the tasks using multiple SFXCL command lines.  When you later set up a scheduled task, you’ll launch the batch file or script file as your command, rather than launching SFXCL.exe directly.  Examples of simple batch files and VBScript script code can be found in the SFXCL Automation Tips reference information.

More information on using the SFXCL command-line tool can be found in the SecureFX for Windows Help under the Getting Started / Command-Line Utility topic.

Setting Up a Scheduled Task

Once you have a working command line, batch file, or script that will result in the desired file transfer operation, a scheduled task can be created that will run the SFXCL command line, batch file, or script that you have created and tested.

The process for creating a scheduled task varies depending on the operating system on which SecureFX has been installed.  Use the following table to find out where you can learn more information about scheduling a task within the operating system you are using.

Operating System

Instructions for Creating a Scheduled Task

Windows 2003

Windows 2008/R2

In order for any scheduled task to work as intended, the system time on your machine must be accurate.

You can find additional information on using SFXCL in the SFXCL Command-Line Tool for SecureFX FAQs and the SFXCL Automation Tips reference information.

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