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What's It Like To Work At VanDyke?

The following are actual statements made by actual VanDyke employees when asked what they liked about the company's work environment.

Relaxed, Casual Environment

  • I like the friendly work environment and casual atmosphere.
  • I like casual Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays. Shorts and T-shirts rule!

Tools and Training

  • T1 internet access - my last job had 56k.
  • I have a really nice office. That sure beats a cube.
  • High-quality equipment - those of us with large flat-panel displays are *really* happy :-)
  • VanDyke actively promotes learning new skills for developers by sending people to conferences and training.
  • The company makes available a good library of periodicals and books, and provides up-to-date, high quality equipment and software.

Supportive, Collaborative Relationships

  • My opinion is sought and considered.
  • My coworkers care about my success.
  • The company promotes a collaborative environment where people help each other.

Dedication to Quality Creates Success

  • I really get a kick out of the plethora of nice comments we regularly receive from customers.
  • We take pride in the software we ship. Because we ship try-before-you-buy, it is impossible for us to make money shipping shoddy software.
  • There is an emphasis on quality in both our products and our dealings with customers.

Customer Testimonials

  • "Thanks for the new feature and for the notification that it had been added — I don't really know of any other developer that notifies people who have given feedback like you guys do. That makes for very happy customers."

    —Burt Heymanson, SecureCRT Customer

  • "I would like to thank you for the amazing quality of service and SecureCRT support you give to us."

    —Anton Starovoytov, Solarix Networks, SecureCRT Customer

  • "Thank you for a great release! I've been actively using SecureCRT for many, many years and it's simply the best SSH client in existence!"

    —Rich Tricoche, SecureCRT Customer

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