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Below is an example of a VBScript that can save you some time by automatically restoring a SecureCRT® session window as soon as output from a remote machine is detected.

Note: This tip is for use with SecureCRT for Windows®.

VBScript to restore session window when remote output is detected

In the example scenario, you need to know when a build finishes so that further action can be taken right away.The VBScript below restores a hidden or minimized SecureCRT window when remote output is detected.

The build is started from a UNIX command line:

  % make >& make.errs

After the command is issued, start the script below with the Script / Run menu command. When the build finishes, the cursor moves, the script detects the cursor, and the window is restored.

#$language = "VBScript"
#$interface = "1.0"

' Note: Both SecureCRT and CRT use the "crt" application
' scripting object.

Sub Main
        ' Wait for the cursor to change position. This
        ' will indicate activity or output from the remote.

        ' Restore the CRT Window associated with the
        ' current session only if the window is currently
        ' hidden (to the Activator) or minimized
        If crt.Window.State = 0 Or crt.Window.State = 2 Then
            crt.Window.Show 1
        End If
End Sub